The Festival in Othe and Armance, it's about fifteen days of concerts, communes, meetings and parties.

A festival that first meets the inhabitants of 12 communes of Aube and Yonne with a diversified program ... it is the itinerant Cabaret.

Then during one day, it is the reception of the children of the leisure centers of Aube de l'Yonne and neighboring departments. More than 1000 children to participate in the young public concerts of the festival and the many socio-educational activities offered by the Yonne Teaching League ... it's Festi'Coccinelle.

2 novelties: the organization of a concert at 6 pm to allow families coming out of work to attend the Little Rock Story concert, 70 years of rock history

And the organization of a mini-camp allowing the centers to stay 3 days by participating in the sports day Yonne -Tour-Sport, proposed by the department of Yonne.

It is finally a return in the beautiful cocoon of greenery, called the Fontaines Park, located in the heart of the village of Aix-en-Othe that we offer during 2 days of concerts of current music.
The Othe Festival, known for its talent as an artist, will not derogate from its line of conduct. Artists of contemporary music, always chosen for their talent and their ability to amaze and surprise, who will relay on 2 stages to bring joy and happiness to the public.

Do not sulk your pleasure to welcome Jeanne ADDED (double victory of the music 2019, BARCELLA, Yves JAMAIT and about fifteen artists to discover.

We hope you many!


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